As above, so below


You can choose what level, everything is the same as it looks, but your mind can alter your very own reality. Do you want to live in hell, with misfortune after misfortune or heaven where you can manifest freely, be exposed to love and blessings. The plane we are all on is the same, the mind creates your reality, the conscious mind uses the ego to place itself, into the simulation. Ego is basically your username for the realty you’re placed in. So when people say kill the ego, you’re essentially taking yourself out of the equation. This is impossible because you are who you are, what is needed to be done is to become the thinker and step back from your own train of thoughts and observe.



We don’t live in a free world, social constraints are abundant. Suppression is alive and well, and in America they have unlimited resources to carry out this agenda. Outside of a full-on revolution or MASSIVE overhaul of our elected officials, it’s an uphill battle day in and day out. However, people are waking up from their deep slumber and with the internet able to touch the masses with their messages of enlightenment. Take away the government and you still have the people, take away the people and you no longer have the need for government. Even the word government shows its meant to “govern”. But they will tell you it’s for highways, potholes, safety, laws, etc One must understand we live in a 3D dimension, that certain universal laws apply, if you stop eating food you’ll die, if you want a house you must have money, there’s certain limitations that we unfortunately cannot escape in this reality, and those who have knowledge of this exploit it to the max. Only escape is within yourself but also knowing that you choose every aspect of your life each second. You choose to live where you are, work where you work, eat what you eat, etc some deal with it, and some don’t. Some will complain others will try and change things. It all comes down to what YOU WANT TO DO. Awareness of these issues is definitely the movement, and more will wake up. It’s tiring to be imprisoned by those who you cannot see or speak directly to, but a soul cannot be diminished entirely and you have God inside you. We will succeed in changing the perception of our current reality to that of pure freedom and pure love. Don’t give up!!


Be your own person, once you tailor yourself to someone else, then who are you?

It’s easy to get lost in relationships and friendships, make your identity known, people will respect you more for it.

Find your own identity. You can’t be what you can’t see/feel. Expose yourself to what you want to be, take it seriously. Choose yes or no, make the decision and put in the actions.

Twin Flames

When two souls find each other and vibrate at pure love, they enter a higher realm “reality” where everything feels amazing and time flies by. You are no longer on the normal plane. Love vibrates, higher states of consciousness. You can manifest freely when you’re in this higher state of consciousness.

Know your Value

One day a young boy asked his father, “what is the value of my life?”. Instead of answering, the father told his son, “take this rock and go sell it at the market. If anybody asks the price, raise two fingers and don’t say anything”, instructed the father. The boy then went to the market and a woman asked, “How much is this rock? I want to put it in my garden”. The boy didn’t say anything but raised up his two fingers, and the woman said “2 dollars? I will take it”. The boy went home and told his father, “a woman wants to buy this rock for 2 dollars”. The father then said, “Son, I want you to take this r ock to a museum, if anybody wants to buy it, don’t say a word, just put up your two fingers”. The boy then went to the museum and a man showed up wanting to buy the rock, the boy didn’t say a word but put up 2 fingers and the man said “$200? I will take it”. The boy was shocked, went running home and told his father, “A man wants to buy this rock for $200”.

His father then said, “Son, the last place I want you to take this rock is to a precious stone store, show it to the owner and don’t say a word, and if he asks the price, just raise up your two fingers”. The son then ran to a precious stone store, he shored the rock to the owner, “Where did you find this stone? it is one of the rarest stones in the world, I must have it! How much would you sell it for?”. The boy put up his two fingers and the man said “I will take it for $200,000”. The boy not knowing what to say, ran home to his father and told him that there’s a man that wants to buy the stone for $200,000, his father then asked, “Son, do you know the value of your life now?”

“It matters where you decide to place yourself”

You see it doesn’t matter where you come from, where you were born, the colour of your skin, or how much money you were born into. It matters where you decide to place yourself, the people you surround yourself with, and how you choose to carry yourself. You may have lived your whole life thinking that you were a $2 stone. You may have lived your whole life surrounded by people that saw your worth for only $2, but everybody has a diamond inside them, and we can choose to surround ourselves with people that see our value and see the diamond inside of us. We can choose to put ourselves in a market or put ourselves in a precious stone store. You can also choose to see the value in other people. You can help other people see the diamond inside of them.

Choose wisely who you surround yourself with.


-Sean Buranahiran


5194B9E8-2C85-478D-B7CD-6D5F03BD518B.jpegThe greatest secret of all, we can create our own happiness just by speaking love into existence. Each and everyone of you has the power to create positive energy. Say I love you to plants and people as you walk by in your head. I guarantee you that positive ripples in this plane you create will magnify and positive will seek you. Like attracts like. Spread LOVE.

Social Media

The black mirror theory.

As humans evolve mentally from basic individuals that merely just survived to a culture that we thrive on innovation, arises many questions if it’s a good thing or not.

Without a doubt new technology has saved lives and made others lives better, but with anything humans touch has the potential to be used for great harm. The internet is by far probably one of the greatest impacts on society as we know it, it literally changed mankind.

People now have access to something that just forty years ago wasn’t even comprehensible. Did we evolve too fast? I ask this question because with the advancements of technology especially in the communication aspect, we as humans have forgotten how to interact without devices. I was at a coffee shop today and everyone inside from all ages, male or female were on either a laptop or a smartphone. Stargazing into a black mirror, not knowing that the images on the screen are not even real in the sense that right in front of them is real and they are choosing to disregard it and live through the screen. What happen to just sitting around and talking to one another? Why must we be so reliant on smart devices?

This made me wonder why are we connected but so disconnected from each other? Is this the beginning of the end? When was the last time you saw strangers engaged in conversation without glancing at their phone? It’s becoming more and more of a rare occurrence for myself.

There’s too much access at our fingertips and we abuse it (well must of us do). There needs to be a coffee shop or restaurant that won’t even allow cell phones. People make the excuse, “what if an emergency happens?” Well we’ve been on this planet a lot longer than the cell phone and our ancestors seemed to do just fine.


Anxiety created.

Guy sitting next to me at the barber showing frustration he’s been waiting almost an hour, since he signed in on the sheet. Which indicates he clearly didn’t have an appointment. And it dawned on me, if he made an appointment before hand he wouldn’t be pressed for time and showing anxiety about it. When in reality he created his own anxiety by not doing so. The crazy thing is he’s just siting there fidgeting around not even realizing he caused this, Instead of being mad at “others” for taking so long he should be mad at himself for not being on top of his priorities. Deflecting responsibility and then creating anxiety, all self inflicting.